Our Advantage

Designing OS2 with tools to assist you by flexing to your needs.

Rather than try and fit your business into a compliance software that neither fits well with the way you do your business, nor can easily change to accommodate new regulatory requirements, OS2 can be easily configured to your needs.

Be in the drivers seat of your ERP+c Software!

Use OS2 to map to your existing process flows, work flows, batch schedules, product definition, label requirements, quality control SOP's, shipping method, POS process, lab methods, etc.

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A Unique Supply Chain Solution for multiple highly regulated industries

Unlike traditional record keeping software that tries to anticipate what you need and want to do, what regulatory require or will require in future, OS2 flex's to the here and now, allowing a unique advantage.

IMAGINE! No more costly timely customization, no more worry that your customization may not work on the next version release!

Device Friendly

with a new vision on software solution strategies.

Join us in adopting a repeatable, economical, practical and secure cloud based production supply chain application that will work for you!

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International Compliance

Joint the OS2 Revolution!

Let OS2 adapt to your organizations requirements while ensuring full regulatory compliance!