Fully Configurable

In regulated production industries and sectors, one size does not fit all! Ever changing regulations, integratable technologies, supply chain requirements, etc., make investing in a hard coded software risky! Paying to customize software is problematic, costly, and time consuming! Let us show you another way to manage your record keeping and supply chain software. 🙂

OS2 is a Flexible Software for Everyday Usage.

OS2 flex's to adapt and adjust to your way of doing business, while remaining fully regulatory compliant, safe and secure.

Let us show you how we can manage your business in a way that permits changes over time in your business processes without disruption. Here are just a few examples of what OS2 can do for you:

  • Configurable Daily Process Flows.
  • Configurable Inventory Management.
  • Configurable Invoice and Purchase Order.
  • Configurable Reports.

A Small Sample of OS2 Modules

OS2 is a fully configurable application that provides access through configurable modules for record keeping. If you don't find a module you need, let us know, and we will show you just how fast a new module can be created and integrate easily with other existing OS2 modules.

Contact Module

Report Module

Production Module

WorkFlow Module

Point of Sale

Document Module

Ticket Module

Integration Module

Superior Record keeping Supply Chain Software for Better Management, Regulatory Compliance, Peace of Mind. 🙂

Let OS2 give you the tools to rap OS2 around your business needs for today and for tomorrow!

Don't settle for "one size fits all" or "pay us to fix this app"!